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C.S. Brooklyn, New York

"It’s truly her heart in a Kookie."

Kyri’s Kookies are the best Kookies out there. Every flavor creates an explosion in your mouth making you change your mind constantly of what’s your favorite Kookie. I wasn’t a fan of dark chocolate till I tasted the zebra macadamia. I disliked raisins but the oatmeal cran-raisin are to die for. The chocolate chunk looks like a universe of chocolate in the center and all around.

They are made with love and are HUGE compared to other brands out there. The ingredients are so rich that they are noticeable. So noticeable that they look 3-D. Kyri’s Kookies must be tried at least once in your life. I am confident to say that after your 1st try you will be hooked and you will keep coming back for more. One of my favorite things is that Dr. Kyri Kookie herself gives these tokens of love away. It’s truly her heart in a Kookie.

DJB- Scottsdale, AZ

"Simply Amazing!"

My testimony about Kyri’s Kookies…I’ll start off by saying “Do you know a sure fire way to tell if a baked cookie is going to be “AMAZING”…It’s something about the smell of fresh baked cookies..the aroma…mmmmmm…when you take them out the oven and look at them…and they look so good with this special look about them…you don’t wait for them to cool off…you take one and bite and then “AMAZING!!” well that’s how I felt about Kyri’s Kookies…now I’m in AZ…I ordered Kyri’s Kookies (raisin/cranberry oatmeal) which were shipped to me on a Monday…received them on Thursday..I felt like a little kid that just received a gift from grandma (Kyri is far from being a grandma)…I open the box and God is my witness on this Kyri’s Kookies where not even hard from time they were shipped to me…they felt as if I just took them out of the oven and talking about soft and then I took a bite and then AMAZING!!! Oh My Goodness…I took them to work cut them into test tasting size and everyone that took a taste…it look as if the word AMAZING were in neon lights on their face…just AMAZING!!!

R.B. – Rahway, New Jersey

"...not your average store bought cookie."

If I were asked to sum up a simple description in two words of Kyri Kookies it would be, simply amazing! From the rich taste of all natural ingredients and sinful weight, you know this isn’t your average store bought cookie, this is a Kyri Kookie! The Chocolate Chunk and Oatmeal Cran Raisin are my pleasure and addictions. I gave my 5 yr old son one of the Chocolate Chunks and his expression said every word possible with a mouth full. He couldn’t get enough and wanted more. Simply amazing and well worth every penny!! I give these Kookies an A+ and room for extra credit!

A.H. Mobile AL

"...just melts in your mouth..."

Not overly sweet, yet packed full of ingredients, the perfect balance. The epitome of COMFORT FOOD. The way the Kookie just melts in your mouth does it for me. Everything you want and more in a tasty treat. The only problem is that I run out too fast.

T.L.York- Houston TX

"...enjoyed them while working abroad in Iraq"

Kyri’s Kookies are extremely delicious, homemade approach, but professionally made and prepared, they were sent as a gift to encourage myself as well as the Soldiers, you know to encourage all of us while working in a very austere and dangerous war zone .

I had the privilege of enjoying them while working abroad in Iraq , I could not help myself at times, because these Kookies took the place of ALL snacks for me. The shipping was pretty fast and efficient , being that I was in the Middle East. Definitely experienced several nights with cookie crumbs in my bed , I guess you could call it a snack addiction...................... Loved Them

Dr. Prague … Long Island, NY

"I think about these cookies all the time"

I have never in my life tasted such decadence in a cookie. They melt with each bite in your mouth. All my cares in the world float away when I treat myself to Kyri’s Kookies. I have been telling everyone I know about these cookies. I have pictures on my phone. I think about these cookies all the time. I love to watch people’s reactions when they take their first bite ever. I can’t say enough about these wrapped up pieces of heaven. They are well worth it. Thank you Dr. Kyri!

Squadron Leader, Hall, Iraq

"...feeling loved as I devoured them."

On behalf of our Squadron serving here in Iraq, I had to take a moment to say THANK YOU. Thank you for taking the time to bake, package and ship your Kyri’s Kookies to us over here. Your coolers of Kookies are a clear indication of your commitment to encourage the troops and I can personally attest to feeling loved as I devoured them. I wish you could have seen how happy we all were when your packages arrived. This last cooler arrived on Valentines Day which I think was deliberate. All I can say is THANK YOU and I hope it doesn’t sound selfish when I say please don’t stop sending the LOVE in those KOOKIES!!!!

Sgt Sill. E-5, Afghanistan

"would be great if the rest of the world had the opportunity to enjoy your Kookies"

Dr Kyri, I couldn’t eat another Kookie without saying thank you so much. These Kookies are simply AWESOME. The fact that you ship these over to Afghanistan to encourage us Troops is beyond words. I don’t know if you sell them or plan to sell them but it would be great if the rest of the world had the opportunity to enjoy your Kookies and experience the love in every bite. We are grateful for you taking the time to bake for us. Your Kookies are absolutely amazing. Thank you and please keep them coming.

Guruprasath SD, Staten Island NY

" soft it crumbles in your hands and melts in your mouth."

I am not a big cookie eater so when I first received a 6 pack of Kyri’s Kookies, I thought it would last for at least a week. An assumption proved wrong within moments of opening the pack. Unlike it’s creator you don’t need a PhD to appreciate the nuances behind the creativity involved. The formula is simple; make a tasty cookie, add some nuts and fruits to enhance the texture, add no preservatives, no bleached flour, no bleached sugar, use everything organic, shop from local farmers and VOILA there you have it, the awesome Kookies. Kyri’s Kookies are so soft that it crumbles in your hands and melts in your mouth. The elegance of the Kookies is in its flavor profile. With many layers of flavor & contrasting textures Kyri has created a true connoisseurs delight. The Oatmeal Kookies are a perfect complement for breakfast. You may start with a small nibble but I promise you won’t stop until you munched the whole plate !!! Thank you :)

SBC – Jonesboro, GA

"You can’t eat just one."

First let me just say Kyri’s Kookies are so awesome that once you taste them you would not want another type of cookie. The greatest thing about these Kookies are that they are organic and homemade. I honestly didn’t think that I would like them because they are healthy. I truly know that once you taste them you will love them as well. They are completely All Natural. You can’t eat just one. I’m so sure that you love them that if you don’t I will buy them from you…. You WILL want more.

S.F. Brooklyn NY

"Kyri’s Kookies which are made from Kookies I ever tasted."

When I was introduced to Kyri’s Kookies I was amazed that a Kookie could taste that good, You could taste every chunk of walnuts, chocolate, cranberries, and raisins in one Kookie its just amazing how generous she is with her Organic Ingredients. Then Christmas came and she gave me a dozen as a gift. I traveled with them and my husband threw one away after it accidentally fell on the floor as he snuck a Kookie while I slept. I woke up and found it in a clean garbage. I was so upset at him I looked at the Kookie I pick it up, warmed it up and ate it, it was still fabulously delicious. I tell you this just to show you that Kyri’s Kookies which are made from hugs are the best Kookies I ever tasted ….

PS: The Zebra Macadamia Kookie and the Oatmeal Cran-Raisin are my favorite ones.. YUMMY.

K.W. Kennesaw, GA

"Kyri’s Kookies put a song in my heart...."

Cookies are my favorite treat. But until I had a taste of Kyri’s Kookies, I did not now what a REAL cookie was. The first bite of Kyri’s Kookies put a song in my heart the angels can't sing. These sweet treats are not only remarkably delicious, but the delivery and presentation delights the eye and is inviting. Just looking at them, I knew they were delicious. After eating Kyri’s Kookies, I'm persuaded I can never eat another brand. Kyri’s Kookies soothe my soul and ignites unspeakable joy!

E.P. Windsor, NC


It’s soooooo hard to say goodbye to your last @kyriskookies Oatmeal Cran-Raisin Kookie. I’m going to keep this real simple. “I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM, LIKE YOU LOVE YOUR BEST FRIEND.”

T.D. Powder Springs, GA

"...each Kookie can stand on their own, but baby together… It’s The Whole Shebang"

When my package arrived and I opened the box, they had me at the crate! Oh but then I tried "The Whole Shebang" Kookie! What! Not only was it perfectly baked it contained all the flavors of the other Kookies. This had to be an inspiration from above. Who puts the highlights of each of their Kookies into ONE and creates a Masterpiece? Now don’t get me wrong, each Kookie can stand on their own, but baby together… It’s The Whole Shebang. This will definitely be my Go-To Gift!


"...soothes my soul and ignites unspeakable joy!."

K.W. Kennesaw, GA

" Kookies I ever tasted."

S.F. Brooklyn, NY

"I absolutely love them, like you love your best friend!"

E.P. Windsor, NC

"...had to be an inspiration from above."

T.D. Powder Springs, GA